Take the strategic lead

It’s time for chief underwriting officers (CUOs) to build a bridge to true data enablement


Risk complexity is growing, competition is fierce and the London Market has been digitalising through infrastructure projects like TOM (Target Operating Model). Underwriters know there has never been a greater need to operationalise data for more meaningful insights and better underwriting decisions. Vast volumes of data are available, but legacy systems, silos and technology gaps are holding insurers back from truly data-enabled underwriting.

Download this guide to discover:

  • Why the underwriting gap could leave your business exposed, and how to bridge the gap with the right data strategy
  • How CUOs can evolve their roles and lead the drive for digital enablement
  • The opportunities and benefits of data-enabled underwriting, from enhanced portfolio management and risk control, to better data integration and combined ratios
“As underwriting grows more complex and demanding, insurers must become less product-focused and instead concentrate on individual customer needs and macro risks. This implies a strategic role for CUOs, who can turn the data challenge into a data opportunity.”

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